🤔 Need blocks and a snapshot? Use the bundle API to always get the latest compatible backups.

Mainnet Snapshots

Hourly snapshots of the Wax mainnet so you can instantly sync with the network.

Title Download Size MD5 Checksum
snap_wax_2019-12-08-03-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 27.49 MiB 99e893eec025b8dcb155b53742244a87
snap_wax_2019-12-08-02-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 27.47 MiB 1f214f99e0db937aab1344b8e9a7be6e
snap_wax_2019-12-08-01-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 27.44 MiB ad933a12cd9ada6e9dd19a355a1fae27
snap_wax_2019-12-08-00-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 27.42 MiB 2fc7af59a369781952dcdca3e8a68b6e
snap_wax_2019-12-07-23-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 27.4 MiB 7622086768616c239ec9e656d9439500
snap_wax_2019-12-07-22-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 27.38 MiB 417754671c9b30e7030c39ecb7dbb5f0
snap_wax_2019-12-07-21-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 27.34 MiB 8e0b1b2dc8bbbd76d2fab392858e7772
snap_wax_2019-12-07-20-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 27.31 MiB 9a0511d0df054d9d716f0a4936e3d614
snap_wax_2019-12-07-19-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 27.28 MiB 646019079581e37dc24904c6efbc1754
snap_wax_2019-12-07-18-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 27.23 MiB 33bd151700967f07678af61d0151e4c6
snap_wax_2019-12-07-17-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 27.19 MiB 48ddb80a2608a74ee2c3c121b5792d53
snap_wax_2019-12-07-16-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.87 MiB 8cc24cd42b74d35828164de6e2fa20cb
snap_wax_2019-12-07-15-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.81 MiB ff048d025a633c76e980f4ba150cb4d8
snap_wax_2019-12-07-14-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.76 MiB 4248828fcadd521a10d4078b3ca19e42
snap_wax_2019-12-07-13-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.72 MiB d9f680e32d1b8bc2866126ae1db87f76
snap_wax_2019-12-07-12-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.68 MiB 8f264f024e41f44c622068839f33d433
snap_wax_2019-12-07-11-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.62 MiB 78b8503899135787c824594654d5a50f
snap_wax_2019-12-07-10-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.59 MiB 9882ec72e5b44d3b9013d3b3ec76e1cb
snap_wax_2019-12-07-09-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.57 MiB 3c53a5b1cb3b81aa5fb3327e632ddeeb
snap_wax_2019-12-07-08-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.54 MiB efa6bad7ed9a0847545aef4b2cba84cd
snap_wax_2019-12-07-07-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.51 MiB 98276fceafcec5b2d3a94da49886e164
snap_wax_2019-12-07-06-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.49 MiB 2ef53997bc85bdc7b8c6bfd4bd7e7d12
snap_wax_2019-12-07-05-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.46 MiB e3ced92f8da17d381513319af268b86f
snap_wax_2019-12-07-04-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.45 MiB 884e940f0d386023e528c8bd533dd492
snap_wax_2019-12-07-03-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.44 MiB 6e40aca6b02f25c124d43918af045b8f
snap_wax_2019-12-07-02-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.42 MiB ca7da2cec20ab0f93c4acb385ba9a378
snap_wax_2019-12-07-01-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.4 MiB d7132bb7ba5856a984902dce61723965
snap_wax_2019-12-07-00-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 26.38 MiB cbaf4dad978d00a9bbffa528d1675fba

These snapshots are platform agnostic and taken from our own cluster of API nodes.
They can be used with or without a blocks log.

Using Snapshots

This is a great way to get synced to the network within a minute, you can see the original notes on Github. There are a couple of points to be aware of:

  • The snapshots contain all the consensus state required to bootstrap a node at a given head block, so there's no need for long replays to build state from the blocks log.
  • This sync method is intended for producing nodes, however if you don't intend on supporting history data, it will work perfectly for API/full nodes.

What's The Catch?

After being accustomed to long replay times via Block backups, the near instant snapshot sync seems like magic. But the magic comes at a cost:

  • If you want to support retrospective chain data via the RPC API or P2P, then you must provide a blocks log that contains blocks up to the snapshotted block. The blocks log may contain additional blocks, they will be applied as part of the startup process.
  • These snapshots do not support any plugins, so this doesn't support history data.

How To Use

First, you must do some preparation. Remove the state directory if it exists, then you need to make a decision. If you want to support old chain data, then you must have a blocks directory with a block log containing data up to, or past the head block referenced in the snapshot.

Download the snapshot, uncompress it and start nodeos with the snapshot flag pointing to the absolute location of the fresh snapshot.

You can use the one-liner in the example to always download the latest snapshot. We also have a Snapshots API which orders the archives in chronological order, newest first.

# Move to your local wax directory, removing the existing state directory (if relevant)
cd /opt/wax
rm -rf state

# Download the latest snapshot
wget $(wget --quiet "https://eosnode.tools/api/snapshots?network=wax&limit=1" -O- | jq -r '.data[0].s3') -O snapshot.tar.gz

# Uncompress
tar xvzf snapshot.tar.gz

# Start the chain and sync from the provided snapshot
./start.sh --snapshot "$(ls -t snapshots/*.bin | head -n1)"

# Tail the logs to watch the sync in all its glory
tail -f log.txt