🤔 Need blocks and a snapshot? Use the bundle API to always get the latest compatible backups.

Mainnet Snapshots

Hourly snapshots of the Wax mainnet so you can instantly sync with the network.

Title Download Size MD5 Checksum
snap_wax_2019-11-16-00-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.89 MiB aaeec5019846c2c1a49b58fdb82ffda2
snap_wax_2019-11-15-23-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.88 MiB 9b67b2b683848ccfd3bbafb370b94969
snap_wax_2019-11-15-22-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.87 MiB 322124a7ad5e1915357ad32556edd9e7
snap_wax_2019-11-15-21-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.86 MiB fd75152fe274c8ec4800fe2bb0f51635
snap_wax_2019-11-15-20-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.84 MiB 78869756587e29c2e08dd760d90a976c
snap_wax_2019-11-15-19-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.82 MiB 727d9945d3f2cca5ab8bc0594b1411ca
snap_wax_2019-11-15-18-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.81 MiB a71a82eab78495e9cc383a078d5b452b
snap_wax_2019-11-15-17-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.79 MiB 64e36aa2784a6dec2a0d9d3c07f51c0c
snap_wax_2019-11-15-16-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.78 MiB ece270cd30f7510f30439882700075b9
snap_wax_2019-11-15-15-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.76 MiB ec957195828e2948d7e81db27762e68b
snap_wax_2019-11-15-14-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.75 MiB 07ac551ab68e661e41bbbc7c9e1bcf43
snap_wax_2019-11-15-13-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.74 MiB f94c2988937591c52b713c71c5da554e
snap_wax_2019-11-15-12-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.73 MiB e2c5ba0f34bbef7a53a7be7c24e85b27
snap_wax_2019-11-15-11-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.72 MiB b0d9a102e44ddd06f6d422b365c73711
snap_wax_2019-11-15-10-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.72 MiB 2e8181f0760517650f9a7af62dbfa022
snap_wax_2019-11-15-09-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.71 MiB 55bb3d0be1dbe7e4c2b966420e0875c2
snap_wax_2019-11-15-08-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.71 MiB b8ffad6c58c8bad07b7ff2a61b851e21
snap_wax_2019-11-15-07-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.7 MiB dcced46e5a1bfd32b04fabdafa0201eb
snap_wax_2019-11-15-06-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.7 MiB ef4e148421191bfd2757b5a530e4e122
snap_wax_2019-11-15-05-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.69 MiB 6e98a582d74d3faed477f2def88136af
snap_wax_2019-11-15-04-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.68 MiB 29f5721ca65a9ee180628428a461f08d
snap_wax_2019-11-15-03-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.68 MiB 037e885634dd034b4459400f76958625
snap_wax_2019-11-15-02-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.67 MiB ec5fdc089320213f025042c6fabb1a1c
snap_wax_2019-11-15-01-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.67 MiB 5fcf099f213ebbab6c170cd0771d10b2
snap_wax_2019-11-15-00-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 16.66 MiB 4b27b7d2f1605b0bfed037a230e564b8

These snapshots are platform agnostic and taken from our own cluster of API nodes.
They can be used with or without a blocks log.

Using Snapshots

This is a great way to get synced to the network within a minute, you can see the original notes on Github. There are a couple of points to be aware of:

  • The snapshots contain all the consensus state required to bootstrap a node at a given head block, so there's no need for long replays to build state from the blocks log.
  • This sync method is intended for producing nodes, however if you don't intend on supporting history data, it will work perfectly for API/full nodes.

What's The Catch?

After being accustomed to long replay times via Block backups, the near instant snapshot sync seems like magic. But the magic comes at a cost:

  • If you want to support retrospective chain data via the RPC API or P2P, then you must provide a blocks log that contains blocks up to the snapshotted block. The blocks log may contain additional blocks, they will be applied as part of the startup process.
  • These snapshots do not support any plugins, so this doesn't support history data.

How To Use

First, you must do some preparation. Remove the state directory if it exists, then you need to make a decision. If you want to support old chain data, then you must have a blocks directory with a block log containing data up to, or past the head block referenced in the snapshot.

Download the snapshot, uncompress it and start nodeos with the snapshot flag pointing to the absolute location of the fresh snapshot.

You can use the one-liner in the example to always download the latest snapshot. We also have a Snapshots API which orders the archives in chronological order, newest first.

# Move to your local wax directory, removing the existing state directory (if relevant)
cd /opt/wax
rm -rf state

# Download the latest snapshot
wget $(wget --quiet "https://eosnode.tools/api/snapshots?network=wax&limit=1" -O- | jq -r '.data[0].s3') -O snapshot.tar.gz

# Uncompress
tar xvzf snapshot.tar.gz

# Start the chain and sync from the provided snapshot
./start.sh --snapshot "$(ls -t snapshots/*.bin | head -n1)"

# Tail the logs to watch the sync in all its glory
tail -f log.txt