🤔 Need blocks and a snapshot? Use the bundle API to always get the latest compatible backups.

Mainnet Snapshots

Hourly snapshots of the BOS mainnet so you can instantly sync with the network.

Title Download Size MD5 Checksum
snap_bos_2019-02-23-13-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.37 MiB 9ef7688109a020271d9bb18c12ce2c6c
snap_bos_2019-02-23-12-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.36 MiB f1139516e48123dc380c301ff2db376c
snap_bos_2019-02-23-11-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.38 MiB 7c3b3c3f81832943283305678b0d143f
snap_bos_2019-02-23-10-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.35 MiB 69356f5a9824862c2937fc90c30e5316
snap_bos_2019-02-23-09-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.32 MiB 280242a0d1ea3f30f582ff83345f8f91
snap_bos_2019-02-23-08-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.39 MiB e522ed5abdb376e8ead01ca77784b1ff
snap_bos_2019-02-23-07-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.39 MiB e2d71160780d63d166355c62b2297d60
snap_bos_2019-02-23-06-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.38 MiB 8d038cf4f416e0c9fc7441581352839c
snap_bos_2019-02-23-05-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.39 MiB c497cb73083e48d664728afe3a309ef3
snap_bos_2019-02-23-04-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.39 MiB 7b04cb0f2389512db2b003f1539c22d7
snap_bos_2019-02-23-03-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.38 MiB c53190fc9a74dabd17a4de50c16e99db
snap_bos_2019-02-23-02-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.38 MiB 0c381fb4811f9913fbea3d58c65bf451
snap_bos_2019-02-23-01-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.39 MiB 92f5e80711e4548001db2f98e6d75fc2
snap_bos_2019-02-23-00-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.4 MiB 93e3a6fbcb1423ba6c581d9dae7cf3d8
snap_bos_2019-02-22-23-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.39 MiB dd17a2188ecbd4cc028e8ac4d9696dde
snap_bos_2019-02-22-22-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.4 MiB 5bc7136069e801bd406c1377d5f7f652
snap_bos_2019-02-22-21-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.4 MiB c29782828a8ebe33d07701062c17f675
snap_bos_2019-02-22-20-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.4 MiB 0547efbd22adf00e01b2c54d16afb05d
snap_bos_2019-02-22-19-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.4 MiB fda2b86a996a55d3367ee14a1652bd36
snap_bos_2019-02-22-17-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.4 MiB 835b75ee74aa401f6b92586b3a5751ac
snap_bos_2019-02-22-16-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.48 MiB 776508fe9e237b569d9013401b2e4ec3
snap_bos_2019-02-22-15-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.48 MiB df8c017d0bd70be3aed1bf02d3976b02
snap_bos_2019-02-22-14-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.48 MiB 59511c9e33fd6acb2e797bb0fd82e068
snap_bos_2019-02-22-13-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.5 MiB c94ce247167e467e1019a657e8416b65
snap_bos_2019-02-22-12-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.49 MiB 5afff8339f28e287e70a2e50ca8eb217
snap_bos_2019-02-22-11-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.56 MiB 2d3e5f7fbe5bc3aa87a66729b1edea2b
snap_bos_2019-02-22-10-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.57 MiB a71939290a11019c1c38412478c81b5b
snap_bos_2019-02-22-09-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.7 MiB 850f53b153404251b1563d8f388d9af5
snap_bos_2019-02-22-08-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.62 MiB a29e120b5d8c9c7ca0cdba9eb47c0353
snap_bos_2019-02-22-07-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.63 MiB 1b213c73dbf1cf4a8db213480661d931
snap_bos_2019-02-22-06-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.62 MiB a337e1be4f7fc867ed675a7efd316a83
snap_bos_2019-02-22-05-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.62 MiB 2ec68cf4cdb90dce3b51e4ef97d67654
snap_bos_2019-02-22-04-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.61 MiB 9b8d8cb8ff2716197558127bacd59cbb
snap_bos_2019-02-22-03-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.6 MiB 112c283aeeb4f32e89d8e097af0fd045
snap_bos_2019-02-22-02-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.59 MiB d08c1b872ff9085c1fba29bf6c3a6434
snap_bos_2019-02-22-01-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.59 MiB a960ff5949ea603f0d25dcedb398c125
snap_bos_2019-02-22-00-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 126.6 MiB 8b8015d5c4e5a6bc52784f2c7b977017

These snapshots are platform agnostic and taken from our own cluster of API nodes.
They can be used with or without a blocks log.

Using Snapshots

This is a great way to get synced to the network within a minute, you can see the original notes on Github. There are a couple of points to be aware of:

  • The snapshots contain all the consensus state required to bootstrap a node at a given head block, so there's no need for long replays to build state from the blocks log.
  • This sync method is intended for producing nodes, however if you don't intend on supporting history data, it will work perfectly for API/full nodes.

What's The Catch?

After being accustomed to long replay times via Block backups, the near instant snapshot sync seems like magic. But the magic comes at a cost:

  • If you want to support retrospective chain data via the RPC API or P2P, then you must provide a blocks log that contains blocks up to the snapshotted block. The blocks log may contain additional blocks, they will be applied as part of the startup process.
  • These snapshots do not support any plugins, so this doesn't support history data.

How To Use

First, you must do some preparation. Remove the state directory if it exists, then you need to make a decision. If you want to support old chain data, then you must have a blocks directory with a block log containing data up to, or past the head block referenced in the snapshot.

Download the snapshot, uncompress it and start nodeos with the snapshot flag pointing to the absolute location of the fresh snapshot.

You can use the one-liner in the example to always download the latest snapshot. We also have a Snapshots API which orders the archives in chronological order, newest first.

# Move to your local bos directory, removing the existing state directory (if relevant)
cd /opt/bos
rm -rf state

# Download the latest snapshot
wget $(wget --quiet "https://eosnode.tools/api/snapshots?network=bos&limit=1" -O- | jq -r '.data[0].s3') -O snapshot.tar.gz

# Uncompress
tar xvzf snapshot.tar.gz

# Start the chain and sync from the provided snapshot
./start.sh --snapshot "$(ls -t snapshots/*.bin | head -n1)"

# Tail the logs to watch the sync in all its glory
tail -f log.txt