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Mainnet Snapshots

Hourly snapshots of the BOS mainnet so you can instantly sync with the network.

Title Download Size MD5 Checksum
snap_bos_2019-04-25-17-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.59 MiB 6004afcea02260d6c739b4157632cd95
snap_bos_2019-04-25-16-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.59 MiB 0a629ba26160c3e70035c7e540f13f27
snap_bos_2019-04-25-15-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.58 MiB dc7b3fe617c6e69fcb4c8cea898bd017
snap_bos_2019-04-25-14-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.59 MiB 010f9127e435bd243557c8806831264f
snap_bos_2019-04-25-13-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.58 MiB 3c809e166258c28f1cceb9fdf8c9374b
snap_bos_2019-04-25-12-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.58 MiB 10bd75eb1f118a0e03de4b1d993a26da
snap_bos_2019-04-25-11-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.58 MiB 1183fb235b5034e9dbca45f26ac77f48
snap_bos_2019-04-25-10-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.58 MiB f91631290b7d3a8dc9ca4096bf40f44f
snap_bos_2019-04-25-09-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.58 MiB e565b20f6535813a40db08d448488e69
snap_bos_2019-04-25-08-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.57 MiB 48b0e7ede21073ada3dd28ae0ca95d95
snap_bos_2019-04-25-07-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.57 MiB 4d2cf5220bc57d4c515809b72f580f54
snap_bos_2019-04-25-06-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.57 MiB dbc66d5901362cf09845d918cdb4a9f1
snap_bos_2019-04-25-05-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.57 MiB cf4f0e02d510e916c172ae8f18b3ce04
snap_bos_2019-04-25-04-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.57 MiB d8294a0924d8c722dc78b922320c90ee
snap_bos_2019-04-25-03-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.57 MiB 0e28cc3bf31e82b11ba056665cc0d22a
snap_bos_2019-04-25-02-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.57 MiB ef65072b8968d11fc444c11eafa0d95d
snap_bos_2019-04-25-01-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.57 MiB 3fb70c9e492b2fcdf6fea2df5f1deb59
snap_bos_2019-04-25-00-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.57 MiB f93528b2167dbd20a9748a719c525d85
snap_bos_2019-04-24-23-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.56 MiB 38a084618df451f749f941560a8c9646
snap_bos_2019-04-24-22-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.56 MiB a9252f7c96a67cfa4534328c152dbb86
snap_bos_2019-04-24-21-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.56 MiB 38f159bebca2b41f36f770bef04c39a7
snap_bos_2019-04-24-20-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.56 MiB b73325966975f8466a0be98d6028d5f2
snap_bos_2019-04-24-19-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.56 MiB 2c260f35b04c2a894f5c9ce5c2f7bb85
snap_bos_2019-04-24-18-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.56 MiB 57f4d935a556380c30d66fc61ea7b988
snap_bos_2019-04-24-17-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.56 MiB ba81e7f9a6e784e3beffa14053095d94
snap_bos_2019-04-24-16-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.56 MiB 5f5a8c8c4cccca51eb4054763ede4098
snap_bos_2019-04-24-15-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.56 MiB 9911889c5d5ddac2a8bc49b2995ee068
snap_bos_2019-04-24-14-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.56 MiB 1acf2b0d2e2b93164a960df23fb28a03
snap_bos_2019-04-24-13-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.55 MiB 1b98c9fc5107b259fed8401a7c03e89b
snap_bos_2019-04-24-12-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.56 MiB da2363d5009da94f4917205f48947c2a
snap_bos_2019-04-24-11-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.55 MiB beaf56a93fef18629cb949553e315fa1
snap_bos_2019-04-24-10-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.55 MiB 461cee547e8e3790c20868a52e2d38f4
snap_bos_2019-04-24-09-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.62 MiB affc8eb311a9f3ebdefa22e31155576f
snap_bos_2019-04-24-08-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.49 MiB c95d35851dabd10a29d0d5d4b5e9d8df
snap_bos_2019-04-24-07-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.54 MiB 73f9e04b4607c617fac102fd04f6f52c
snap_bos_2019-04-24-06-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.54 MiB e359b3b7da522ef05bb59721f92029d1
snap_bos_2019-04-24-05-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.54 MiB ff7d9f250f0c2dc55955b444cb540592
snap_bos_2019-04-24-04-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.53 MiB 4e3d4ac3cc43e98c877eca82e53f9112
snap_bos_2019-04-24-03-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.53 MiB 6ab632936c61a9a668dc68862b80b390
snap_bos_2019-04-24-02-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.53 MiB 1a868315807993fa547b16399a8cc231
snap_bos_2019-04-24-01-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.53 MiB 1173c3cd9686cf47dc54fa26969111c0
snap_bos_2019-04-24-00-00.tar.gz Wasabi S3 130.53 MiB 16f93d8fe1714dc9aa536864052e42fe

These snapshots are platform agnostic and taken from our own cluster of API nodes.
They can be used with or without a blocks log.

Using Snapshots

This is a great way to get synced to the network within a minute, you can see the original notes on Github. There are a couple of points to be aware of:

  • The snapshots contain all the consensus state required to bootstrap a node at a given head block, so there's no need for long replays to build state from the blocks log.
  • This sync method is intended for producing nodes, however if you don't intend on supporting history data, it will work perfectly for API/full nodes.

What's The Catch?

After being accustomed to long replay times via Block backups, the near instant snapshot sync seems like magic. But the magic comes at a cost:

  • If you want to support retrospective chain data via the RPC API or P2P, then you must provide a blocks log that contains blocks up to the snapshotted block. The blocks log may contain additional blocks, they will be applied as part of the startup process.
  • These snapshots do not support any plugins, so this doesn't support history data.

How To Use

First, you must do some preparation. Remove the state directory if it exists, then you need to make a decision. If you want to support old chain data, then you must have a blocks directory with a block log containing data up to, or past the head block referenced in the snapshot.

Download the snapshot, uncompress it and start nodeos with the snapshot flag pointing to the absolute location of the fresh snapshot.

You can use the one-liner in the example to always download the latest snapshot. We also have a Snapshots API which orders the archives in chronological order, newest first.

# Move to your local bos directory, removing the existing state directory (if relevant)
cd /opt/bos
rm -rf state

# Download the latest snapshot
wget $(wget --quiet "https://eosnode.tools/api/snapshots?network=bos&limit=1" -O- | jq -r '.data[0].s3') -O snapshot.tar.gz

# Uncompress
tar xvzf snapshot.tar.gz

# Start the chain and sync from the provided snapshot
./start.sh --snapshot "$(ls -t snapshots/*.bin | head -n1)"

# Tail the logs to watch the sync in all its glory
tail -f log.txt