EOS Node Tools

This microsite is a collection of resources and tools for any EOS enthusiast, dApp developer or block producer who wants to setup, maintain or recover their own nodes for the EOS blockchain.

Blocks Archive

We have downloadable daily archives of the nodeos blocks data directory, which will allow you to quickly sync or recover a node. Each archive is available via API to aid automation.

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We offer hourly snapshots of the EOS mainnet to allow you to instantly sync to the network. These snapshots have some idiosyncrasies but they can be extremely useful for recovery or standing up simple nodes.

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Node Automation

Setting up an EOS node can be daunting to newcomers, and maintaining a node can be time consuming. We have tooling to automate a node setup that will get you started with a few command line calls.

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Node Monitor

We have geo distributed, real-time monitoring to measure the performance and availability of the top Block Producer RPC API and P2P services.

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Node Proxy

Based on our global monitoring data, we have a Geo-DNS proxy service that will transparently serve your user's RPC API request to the closest and most performant nodes.

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Who Is This Aimed At?

dApp Developers

If you are creating a new smart contract, you will need those actions indexed on the chain. Use the resources here to easily spin up an API node to guarantee your data will be available.

Block Producers

Whether you want to become a BP or you have been there from the beginning, sharing knowledge, tools and chain data can help ensure we offer the best possible service to the network.

EOS Enthusiasts

If you are interested in the EOS project, like to follow blockchain tech or DPoS is your thing, you can hopefully pick up some useful info from the various resources hosted here.

Why Build EOS Node Tools?

For the EOS project to succeed, it's extremely important to cultivate a thriving developer ecosystem that makes it easy to interact with the chain, build dApps on top of the protocol and to allow all skill levels to participate in the network.

As a Block Producer, a major part of our role is to ensure the integrity and stability of the network. However, we also believe that it is our duty to attract newcomers to the project and to provide sufficient tooling and resources so that they can create amazing things on top of the protocol.

It's been an awesome journey as an EOS block producer, we're really excited to share the knowledge we've gained so far and look forward to adding lots more content in the future!

Something Missing?

We have a lot of plans for new content. but if there is a tool or resource you'd love to see here then please let us know!